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Helping your nonprofit apply research-based strategies to increase sustainable revenue

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Is your nonprofit failing to achieve results?

While other nonprofit organizations are executing successful strategies and increasing revenues, you’re:

  • Spending hours executing those same strategies – without anything to show for it
  • Struggling to fund your projects and programs
  • Losing perspective on your big-picture goals 

Without the right strategies or insight into why they worked for others, you can’t raise the funding you need to make a difference with your programs. Meanwhile, you’re overworking yourself and failing to make progress, which is exhausting for you and your employees. 

Funding your nonprofit shouldn’t be:
  • ….this expensive.
  • ….this complicated.
  • …this risky.

Want to know the truth about nonprofit fundraising?

There’s no such thing as a secret formula or magic strategy. Every organization has access to the same tools and research. The key is knowing how to apply them in a way that works for you.

As a frontline fundraiser for 25 years, I’ve been in your shoes and seen scenarios just like yours play out. I’ve learned how to apply the research to create strategies that lead to sustainable revenue streams – and I can help your organization learn to think differently and effectively apply data to transform any strategy.

Book a Free Strategy Call
Apply Data Effectively

Learn how to effectively apply research, data, and strategies to your specific organization.

Get Custom Strategies

No more cookie-cutter programs or vague planning. Create big-picture strategies that suit your organization and its needs.

Experience Sustainable Success

Say goodbye to single-event success, and hello to sustainable revenue streams that help you fund programming year-round.

Don’t settle for mediocre strategies that don’t pay off.

Book a free, no-obligation strategy call with Cherian and discover how to create nonprofit fundraising strategies that actually work.

Book a Free Strategy Call

Ready to transform your nonprofit with solutions that actually work?

1. Book a Call

Book a free, no-obligation strategy call, and I’ll help you identify your best next step so your nonprofit can apply the data and execute successful strategies that fit your organization.

2. Apply the Research

Armed with the research and the right strategy to make it work for you, apply what you’ve learned to your nonprofit.

3. Grow your Nonprofit

Take your nonprofit to the next level with sustainable revenue streams that transform your programs and make a greater impact. 

Book a Free Strategy Call
Transformed Nonprofits

Cherian Koshy is a fantastic presenter on many topics (I'm a fan!). And in this instance, he excelled even more. Trying to make sense of budgeting in the midst of this COVID crisis is an extremely daunting task. Cherian was honest about the challenges (a welcome relief!) and then offered actionable steps for how to do the best possible in uncertain, volatile times. This session helped me move from dismay to conviction on how I can, and must, act to sustain my nonprofit.

Karen Schofield-LecaAmerican Nurses Association

It's rare when I encounter a webinar in which I experience every piece of information shared to be extremely valuable. This is one, no question. Mr. Koshy not only knocked it out of the park, he knocked it a mile out of the park.

David Luna

The presenter was extremely knowledgeable, very well versed in nonprofit work, and gave real and useful information for a spectrum of budget in crisis organizations during this scary pandemic. I appreciated the uplifting sentiments that we are all amazing and extremely intelligent, too.

Jenny DeRuntzThe YWCA Berkeley/Oakland

Jam-packed with information that is backed by research and experience as well as new ideas and inspiring, thought-provoking content. Highly recommended!

Danielle NaplesYMCA of Greater Pittsburgh

Cherian shared very useful tools and strategies for getting things moving quickly in fundraising. It was a lot of information to take in and process, and some of the steps aren't as easily accomplished (i.e., quickly) as others. However, he outlines a very practical process that covers all the bases in developing a successful fund-raising strategy.

Timothy Voss